Kat is the massage therapists therapist! She sees with her hands and uses the oils to relieve pain and promote well being. Thanks!"

~Susan D.

"Kat is a master at her craft! Her deep tissue massage is extremely effective at thoroughly loosening muscle tension with her layering down approach to release knots and tension without being obtrusive. I always leave our sessions with soothed relaxed muscles and a brighter heart than when I walked in. I highly recommend her! "

~Stephanie R.

"Kat's skills are outta this world... I know I will sleep great tonight, my neck feels Great... You will regret not getting a massage, she is the best massage I have had.. thank you..... "

~Derrick D.

"I would highly recommend Kat for any massage needs you may have. I've used massage therapy for over 20 years and although I already have an established therapist...I will use Kat in the future because of her obvious compassion and focus on her clients personal needs. She is Katastic!!!"

~Dennis K.

"Booking my first appointment with Kat was a great decision! She is an intuitive healer, intelligent and respectful, with a quiet sense of humor. She can "read" the muscles and tell if they are tight from overuse and stress. She uses high quality essential oils and selects them for their specific healing properties as called for. I appreciate that she expands her skills and keeps up to date through on-going advanced study." 

~Victoria C.

"The first time I got a massage from Kat it was just a quick shoulder massage after a stressful day.  I knew right then I was hooked!  She is such a kind soul, and even with few words spoken I had an immediate connection to her.  I have since had full body massages and have never been disappointed!  She always asks what is going on in my life and in my body and caters her massages and oils to my specific needs.  My only complaint is that I can't see her every week!"

~ Stacey B.

"I've been going to Kat for a couple years now for my "Raindrop" therapies... she is knowledgeable, positive, and professional. I appreciate her attention and always enjoy the experience. She always offers advice and makes positive suggestions to improve my life, health, and attitude."

~Karen S.

"Kat is just awesome! She has just been nailing all the areas that have been problematic since the car accident. (Not my fault! I was rear-ended at a red light. Ha!) She is also a wonderful person! I am receiving massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care and able to function with less and less pain each time I go to these appointments. But I especially saw the difference when I began massage therapy because I was able to sit and practice my professional music instrument longer and longer. (15 mins to 30 mins to 2 hrs...) Looking forward to being able to handle 6 hours a day again. This is getting me there."

~Pamela S.

"Kat is a wonderful listener and a consummate healer. From the first moment I walked into her space, it was clear I was in great hands.  She understands the body and intuitively pursues areas of need.  By blending several different techniques, including deep tissue, Swedish, and stretching, as well as the precise application of essential oils, she was able to put my muscles in a wonderful state of relaxation.  THANK YOU!!!!"

~ Mirjana M., CMT